Split Rock Reservoir, November 2020

The scenery was spectacular on a beautiful, warm autumn day. One of our largest-attended outings included twenty-five paddlers in thirteen different canoes, most of them wooden. After paddling along the rocky cliffs under the towering trees ablaze with autumn colors, we pulled up to an island for a picnic lunch. Hosted by Barclay Foord, he did not disappoint us when he shared a German Octoberfest meal, comprising of Schweinshaxe, Spaetzle, and German Potatoes and SauerKraut, with German Black Forest Cake for dessert. And of course something to drink of Germanic style, along with Coffee and Tea for after the meal. George kept the campfire going while friends had a chance to catch up with one another, and meet a few new friends. Thank you Barclay for planning a spectacular day

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