Camp Cooking, March 2020

A warm spring day provided the perfect setting for everyone to break out the dutch ovens and charcoal grills to create and share their favorite camping recipes. We enjoyed great conversation with friends while cooking outside on Mike’s patio. What a variety of tasty dishes! Jambalaya, Scalloped Potatoes, Grilled Chicken, Watermelon Salsa, Campfire Nachos, Corn casserole and more… all wrapped up with Apple crumb pie and Barclay’s delicious dutch oven chocolate cake.

Some of us enjoyed a stroll though the woods along the stream behind Mike’s house. And every so often we were amazed to watch a pair of red-tail hawks soaring above us, one of which was pure-white! This rare sight was of a leucistic red-tail hawk – a condition similar to albinism.

Thank you to Mike and Susan for hosting.

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